05 2020

  • Fifty years ago our mission was born

    This weekend, we mark the 50th anniversary of a newspaper article that changed the way society talks about mental illness and led to the creation of Rethink Mental Illness. We caught up with our CEO Mark Winstanley to ask him about the changes we have seen and what challenges lie ahead.

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  • A brothers view

    As years passed, John became outwardly calmer, but the negative symptoms of his illness persisted. A neighbour described him as a  “gentle soul trying to live in a complicated world.”

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  • The show must go on, even in lockdown

    We are all told that mental illness isn't a laughing matter -  but what happens if laughter is your therapy and, mid tour, suddenly the safety curtain descends and the stage lights go off?

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  • 5 ways to help create communities that care

    Here's five ways that you can help to create communities that care for people living with mental illness.

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  • What impact has Covid-19 had on mental health services?

    Our recent survey showed that Covid-19 has had a big impact on mental health services in England.

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  • How our services are providing social connections during Covid-19

    It's difficult for anyone to uphold social connectedness right now. But some of our services have come up with great ways for people to continue to be in contact with friends and carers.

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  • "You need to be kinder to yourself, Jonny"

    Rethink Mental Illness ambassador Jonny Benjamin writes about how he has begun to understand the power of self-compassion and learned to live with his inner critic.

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  • Supported Housing: A Success Story

    This story is proof that a community based model of supported housing helps people living with mental illness to live and work independently.

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  • How our services are adapting to provide great care during Covid-19

    Some examples of how staff in our services and groups have adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide the best possible care.

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  • How lockdown saved my relationship with my family

    For the Lopez family, the adversity of Covid-19 has allowed Georgi to reconnect with her brother.

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