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Our social media channels are used to provide advice and information for people living with mental illness. We also look to address the discrimination faced by different groups within the mental health system, as well as the everyday stigma faced by those of us living with mental illness in wider society. We also like to alert our followers to any breaking news that is relevant for people interested in the world of mental health.  

Whether it is sharing our advice and information, signing up for campaigns or getting involved in fundraising challenges, our followers are a key part of the changing mental health landscape – and we love them for it! You can be part of the change with just the click of a button.

Rethink Mental Illness posts updates Monday to Friday during office hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Threads and LinkedIn. We share a mixture of blogs, videos and links to our advice and information content. 

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Community Guidelines

We strive to make our channels a hub of kindness and support. The heart of the content on our pages is the information available from the advice section of our website, accompanied by stories of lived experience of mental illness from you, our supporters.

It's important that people feel safe to speak openly about their experiences on our channels. Mental health can be a sensitive issue, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s experience is different. You may live with the same condition as somebody else but have totally different examples of symptoms or treatment.  

To ensure people feel comfortable on our channels, we ask that you stick to these guidelines when interacting with others:  

  • Do not post comments that can be considered a personal attack on somebody else. 
  • Do not post content that incites hate, or can be considered threatening or discriminatory. 
  • If we think you are harassing someone (a fellow follower or a named member of staff), we will delete your comments. 
  • Do not repeatedly post spam comments under our posts (this includes adverts or plugs for new products). 
  • Do not post content with explicit or technical detail of self-harm or suicide. 
  • If you post any unfounded libellous statements, we will hide them.  
  • Rethink Mental Illness reserves the right to delete comments or ban users at their discretion.

We are a small team, but there is always someone available to keep an eye on our comments during 9-5 hours Monday-Friday. That person will strive to reply to comments when necessary and to hide or delete any comments which go against the above guidelines or are seen to make our channels anything but a kind or supportive environment for people living with mental illness. 

If you have questions or you need support, we always aim to respond and signpost to wherever is necessary. If you see something on our channels that doesn't seem right, or that makes you feel uncomfortable, please make us aware if you feel able to do so. We hope that these guidelines allow our supporters to surf our channels comfortably, but if there is an issue we will step in and delete comments or block people where necessary. 

If you’d like to tell us about an issue or explain how we can improve our channel moderation, drop us a line at