Our partnerships

We work closely with businesses, charitable trusts and public bodies to form mutually beneficial partnerships that have real impact. By bringing our expertise and passion together, we reach and support people living with mental illness, get people thinking differently about mental health and raise money for our life-changing work.

Corporate partnerships

We work with a wide range of businesses that fundraise to support our services and peer support groups.

Our current partners include:

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Pizza Hut Restaurants
  • Pension Insurance Corporation
  • Ninja Theory
  • Capital One

We also help these companies increase their employees’ and customers’ understanding of mental health by hosting Q&A events and providing face-to-face training and e-learning courses on topics such as: 

  • mental health first aid
  • mental health awareness for managers
  • mindfulness and resilience in the workplace.

If you’d like to discuss the different ways we could work with your organisation, please contact our Fundraising Team on corporates@rethink.org

Partner with Mental Health UK

We’re a founding member of Mental Health UK, which has UK-wide partnerships with a number of high-profile businesses. These include Lloyds Banking Group, PureGym, ISG, Pizza Hut Restaurants and Royal Mail.

If your company would like to help us reach a large number of people and increase its understanding of mental health in the workplace, please contact Mental Health UK’s Fundraising Team on corporates@mentalhealth-uk.org


Trusts and statutory funds

We are extremely grateful for the funding we receive from charitable trusts and statutory funds. Their support helps us improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness and bring about meaningful change.

Sport England

We receive funding from Sport England for a project that aims to help members of our peer support groups become more active. This partnership is helping people severely affected by mental illness improve their mental and physical health.

Stone Family Foundation

The Stone Family Foundation generously funds the work of our Evidence and Impact Team. This support helps us to improve our services, change attitudes and highlight what people affected by mental illness need to lead a better life.

Get in touch.

If you are a Trustee or have links with a charitable trust, please get in touch. Contact Ursula Hall, Head of Trusts and Grants, on 0207 8403 127 or email ursula.hall@rethink.org


Our funding

Each year, we receive a very small portion of our overall funding from pharmaceutical companies. These gifts are only ever accepted on the basis that they support our work without compromising it.

We also stipulate to pharmaceutical companies that any discussions about funding will remain separate from any talks about medication and treatments; as a matter of principle, we never endorse any drugs or treatments. For more details please see our funding page