5 ways to help create communities that care


It’s Mental Health Awareness week… and we need to talk about mental illness.

The mental health discussion has been growing and that's great. But this week we're going to speak about mental illness. A lot. And we're never going to stop speaking about it until everybody has access to the care and support they need. 

We all have a part to play in helping to provide this support to those of us who are severely affected by mental illness. Here's five ways that you can help to create communities that care for people living with mental illness:

1. Share your experience

Your voice can be powerful. Sharing your experience of mental illness can help people who are struggling and feel isolated. It can play an active role in shaping mental health services and policy. It can draw attention to important issues affecting people across the country.

2. Campaign with us

Do you want to work with us to help challenge attitudes towards mental illness and help to improve people’s quality of life? Sign petitions, write to your MP or start your own campaign to help make a difference.

3. Fundraise

Our charity is working round the clock to help as many people as we can during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fundraise for us and help us to provide advice and information to people affected by mental illness who don’t know where to turn. 

4. Play a part in your community

Whether it’s online, checking in on your neighbours or joining a peer support group, show people that you’re listening and that you care. No one going through a difficult time should feel alone.

5. Respond with kindness.

You never know what someone else might be going through. It can still be difficult to talk about the realities of mental illness, but it’s important that we listen and respond with kindness.