Our services and groups

We know that if people don’t receive the right support, mental illness can destroy their lives. We recognise gaps in service provision and respond to these by developing and delivering services that provide high-quality care and support to people severely affected by mental illness.

Our services keep people living with mental illness safe and well in the community, prevent their needs from escalating, and help them live independently, access the information, support and care they are entitled to, and understand and exercise their rights.

Our aim is to deliver a better life for people severely affected by mental illness. We do this by not only meeting their mental health needs but also helping them to improve their physical health, take control of their lives and establish a sense of belonging to their community. 98% of people who use our services said they got the right level of support from us and 97% felt supported in achieving their goals.


Looking to commission a service?

Rethink Mental Illness is a leading provider of mental health services in England, and with over 90 services, we have the experience and record of success that makes commissioning us straightforward and effective. Using our wide range of skills and experience, we look for new ways to tackle the problems associated with mental illness and aim to offer innovative services that break the mould of mental health service provision.