Ilminster/Chard and Langport Mental Health Carers

Open to: Carers


The group is not meeting at the moment.

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Ilminster/Chard and Langport Mental Health Carers are a group that has been established and meeting for many years for mutual support and the sharing of information. They are all carers of people with lived experience of mental illness and have offered invaluable help and understanding to those in a similar position for many, many years. It has come the time for Mavis and Roger, who have been running the group for many years to move onto pastures new and this will happen after the summer of 2023 after a boat trip in August and a summer luncheon in early September. The group, therefore, is looking for new members, including those willing to help organise. It can be very informal – the group have been meeting at a garden centre café these past years - but it would be lovely to keep the wonderful legacy of this caring, warm and longstanding group going. All ideas are welcome! If you are interested in a group for family, friends and carers of those with lived experience of mental illness in this area please contact Dominique, the Community Group Development Officer for the Southwest, on the contact details above. She will be very happy to chat to you about the group and to connect potential and existing members and we would love to hear from you.