Bristol Siblings Group

Open to: Siblings

Online Group

We meet on the second Thursday of the month by Zoom, from 6-8pm. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us by email at

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Do you have a brother or sister living with mental illness? You are not alone!

When your brother or sister is unwell it can be a difficult time for you and your family. You might have lots of questions and concerns. You might be worried about your sibling and how best to support them. You might need some support for yourself and find it difficult to know where to turn. The Bristol Siblings Group is a voluntary led peer support and we run the group in the evenings, once a month, via Zoom.

A supportive space:
Whether your sibling is experiencing ill mental health for the first time, or they have been affected by mental illness for longer, you are very welcome to come along to our monthly meetings where you can:
• meet other siblings
• share your experiences and the emotions you feel as a sibling
• access information on mental health issues and sibling support
• realise you are not alone.

A place to share:
The group is very friendly and informal, and you’ll have the chance to offload, and talk about whatever’s going on for you and your family. It’s up to you how much or little you talk, but you can feel sure there will people at the group who want to listen and connect with you.

Information and learning:
We share information on how to look after someone who is unwell or share ideas about how to look after our own mental health.

“Just wanted to say how warm and welcoming the siblings group is. So encouraging and helpful to be able to share and support others who really understand and care.”


“Completely unexpectedly what I actually found from the group was the support and understanding I had been lacking for the last 12 years. It was so good to finally be able to talk about it with people who truly understood and weren’t just offering platitudes.”