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  • Rethink Mental Illness - support for siblings (South London)

    Services and Groups | Last updated: 28/11/2022

    Our long running group is open to anyone who has a brother or sister with lived experience of mental illness. The relationship between siblings is different to any other relationship, and our group reflects that. We can give a good insight into how mental illness can change relationships and discuss the ways you can support your sibling and the rest of your family, both emotionally and practically.

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  • Bristol Siblings Group

    Services and Groups | Last updated: 07/10/2022

    Do you have a brother or sister living with mental illness? The Bristol Siblings Group is here to help you. We offer a space in Bristol where you can meet other siblings with a brother or sister with mental health issues, share your experiences and the emotions you feel as a sibling, access information on mental health issues and sibling support and realise you are not alone. The group is very friendly and informal, and you’ll have the chance to offload, and talk about whatever’s going on for you and your family. It’s up to you how much or little you talk, but you can feel sure there will people at the group who want to listen and connect with you. We sometimes organise speakers to share information on relevant topics. Depending on what people want, we can do other things with the group as well, such as fundraising or organising events to help raise awareness of mental health issues. It’s up to all of us what direction we’d like the group to take, so please let us know your ideas. The group is open to anyone aged 18 and over with a brother or sister living with mental illness. We look forward to meeting you.

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  • Awareness days and events

    Last updated: 27/10/2022

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  • A brothers view

    Last updated: 05/10/2022

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