"We are so grateful for our volunteers"


From the coordinators that run our 140 peer support groups across the country, to the volunteers that help run the Rethink Mental Illness Advice and Information service. To put it simply, we don't know where we'd be without you.

As we embark on Volunteers Week, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing people who give up their spare time to help others and aid us in our bid to create a better life for everyone severely affected by mental illness.

We asked some of our volunteers why they are involved with our work, and the answers were just as great as the people that gave them.

Name: Allen

Service: Camden Rethink Mental Illness

Role Title: Volunteer Advocate

"Due to experiencing severe mental health issues in my family and seeing how tough it is to get help and support, I decided to switch from being a corporate executive to dedicate my time to helping the most vulnerable in society. I love the work I do as an advocate with Rethink, supporting people to get their voices heard when they have fallen on tough times. I listen non-judgmentally to my clients’ priorities and needs and by offering my support and guidance they are able to be treated with the dignity they deserve."

Name: Wendy

Service: Field View Crisis House

Role Title: Mental Health Recovery Volunteer

"I have volunteered at Field View Crisis House for around 4 years. Having been a service user myself I feel like I'm giving something back and enjoy helping others."

Name: Caitlin

Service: Advice and Information Service

Role Title: Advice and Information Volunteer

"I volunteer for the Rethink Advice and Information Service on their helpline, via webchat, and email. Volunteering with the Advice and Information Service has given me motivation and purpose during the pandemic. They’re a wonderful team and it’s an incredible service to dedicate my time to."

Gemma Thickett, our Advice and Information Service Manager, put our feelings about our volunteers perfectly when she said this:

"We are so grateful for our volunteers at the Advice and Information service.

"Without their dedication, passion and enthusiasm we simply wouldn’t be able to support as many clients as we do. The beauty of volunteering is that it isn’t all one sided support. Our volunteers have given some incredible feedback about their experience with our service. Often mentioning improved confidence, skills and knowledge which has been used to secure employment, often working within the mental health field. Some of our volunteers have even secured employment within our service and the wider organisation. We are so pleased that they find their time with us valuable and are humbled to be part of their individual journeys. Thank you to all of our fabulous volunteers. You are awesome and the world needs more people like you."