05 2021

  • Hope in the Time of Psychosis: Jessica’s Story

    Jessica tells us about her diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and finding hope whilst experiencing bouts of psychosis.

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  • Chanté's story - Living with EUPD

    Chanté talks about her experience of living with emotionally unstable personality disorder and what steps she puts in place to help manage it.

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  • Social media is far from perfect, but it is not the major cause of poor mental health outcomes

    Campaigns Officer, Kirsty Archer, dispels a major gripe and outlines some of the major causes of poor mental health outcomes.

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  • Pandemic problems: Katie’s story

    As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease further, Katie shares her story of living with a diagnosis of mixed personality disorder through the pandemic and how she feels looking to the future.

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  • Our reaction to the 2021 Queens Speech

    The Queen delivered her 67th Queen’s Speech this week to officially reopen Parliament and outline the government’s priorities for the year ahead.

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  • “BPD impacts my life in every way” – Gabby’s story

    Gabby tells us about her experience of living with 'Quiet BPD' and why she is campaigning to change the stigma surrounding BPD.

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  • A long distance relationship with my therapist

    It has been 14 months since the UK first went in lockdown and we retreated into our home offices and new socially distanced world. During this time, we have embraced the video calls, the family what's app groups, and for Rethink Mental Illness ambassador Juliette Burton, the prospect of a new way of getting the emotional support she regularly receives from her therapist.

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  • "We are so grateful for our volunteers"

    We hear from the amazing volunteers that make our work possible, about why they are involved with Rethink Mental Illness and what they get out of their time with us.

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