06 2020

  • No one would ever know I was a carer unless I told them

    There are an estimated 13.6 million unpaid carers in the UK supporting disabled, seriously ill or older friends or relatives. For Carers Week 2020, we share Theresa’s experience of being a hidden carer, a role can happen to 3 in 5 people during their lifetime

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  • Conquering Snowdon from home during lockdown

    Hear how Kathryn and Matt took on the enormous task of running 88,250 steps - or 44 miles - indoors over 24 hours to fundraise for Rethink Mental Illness.

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  • 5 ways to make carers visible.

    3 in 5 people will become a carer at some point in their lives and yet, for many, this role is one that goes without recognition or reward. If you are a carer or know someone who is, here are five simple ways you can help to make carers more visible.

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