Sep 2019

  • Blackpool's Mental Health Crisis

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  • Schizophrenia is not a lifestyle choice

    "I want people to know that schizophrenia is a condition, not a lifestyle choice. For over 20 years I’ve seen things that were not there, walking a blurred line between reality and fantasy."

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  • Brushing your teeth can seem more difficult than climbing Everest

    Paranoia and hearing voices are two of the common symptoms experienced by people living with schizophrenia - a mental illness that affects one in 100 people. In this special blog for Rethink Schizophrenia, Tom writes about how his symptoms can affect his daily life and how he is learning to manage his condition.

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  • I’ve been behaving a bit diabetic recently. I think it might be lack of sleep.

    Assuming you’re still with me, you’ve probably quickly concluded that I’m either someone whose clinical knowledge is cretinously offensive or that I might have a sneaking admiration for Dadaist writing.

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