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Sep 2018

  • Rethink Mental Illness responds to latest ONS suicide figures

    While any fall in the number of suicides offers hope, the numbers are still worryingly high overall, and behind each number is a real person. The reasons for suicide are complex and as a country we could be doing a lot more to prevent people from reaching crisis point like this. While it’s true that it’s partly about needing to open up, talk and reach out for help, far too often we at Rethink Mental Illness are hearing from people who can’t access the care and support they desperately need when they do seek it.

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  • Young people and psychosis: Our new research says they are unaware of warning signs despite being most at risk

    Rethink Mental Illness' bid to raise awareness of psychosis among young people as they start university, often a time of stress and change which can trigger mental health problems. Psychosis affects 1 in 100 people and the first episode is most likely to happen aged 18-24

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