We support the #RecoverySpace campaign for people battling debts while in hospital going through a mental health crisis

09 October 2023

New analysis of national data by the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute estimates that 23,000 people in England were struggling in problem debt last year whilst in hospital for their mental health.

This group are likely to be receiving calls and emails from banks, credit card companies, local authorities and other creditors whilst in acute distress, potentially feeling suicidal.

Thousands more were in a similar position whilst receiving mental health crisis support in the community.

The charity, founded by Martin Lewis, has brought together a coalition of leading mental health and debt organisations to call on the government to extend the proposed ‘breathing space’ scheme to cover people in mental health crisis.

Sarah Murphy from the Mental Health and Money Advice Service, Mental Health UK, said:

“The idea of having a recovery space makes total sense. I have had clients call up from hospital because they are being hassled by debt collectors or are worried about bailiffs waiting for them when they get home.

“If someone is in a severe mental health crisis and is in hospital, the last thing they should be worrying about is money. Instead they should be allowed to focus fully on getting better and deal with any money issues when they are well enough.”

If anyone is worried about the mental health and money problems, go to www.mentalhealthandmoneyadvice.org