Rethink Mental Illness responds to new antidepressants study

09 October 2023

James Harris, Associate Director of Communications, Marketing and Membership at Rethink Mental Illness said

"We have seen for a long time how effective antidepressants can be for some people, so it is encouraging to see such a large scale study confirming how these treatments can help.
"However we also know from our advice services that antidepressants aren't for everyone and not everyone finds them helpful. It is important that we keep researching and finding new treatments.
"Equally it is vital that everyone seeking treatment is able to access the full range of options, for example talking therapies. Currently our overstretched and underfunded mental health services mean that prescriptions are often the only option available and too many people aren't getting the right treatment for them.

"More information on antidepressants can be found at "