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Apr 2018

  • Rethink Mental Illness publishes new report on experiences of detention under the Mental Health Act

    Being detained under Mental Health Act shouldn’t mean that you lose your dignity or the chance to have a say in your care and treatment. However, our new report on people’s experiences of being detained under the Act shows that all too often this is the case.

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  • Our response to the Anticholinergic drugs research

    A new study published today, 26th April 2018,  has reported a "robust" link between certain anticholinergic medications and a hightened risk of developing dementia later in life.

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  • Rethink Mental Illness responds to major new study on genetic risk factor for depression

    This major study is another important piece of the jigsaw in our understanding of what depression is and what the genetic risk factors might be. While we cannot discount social or economic factors when it comes to mental illness, it is encouraging to see quality research helping to fill in the gaps.

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  • Response to new report from the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act

    This landmark review confirms what we have long known: that there are serious problems with the Mental Health Act. People who have been detained under the Act have been telling us how it fails to protect their rights and dignity, and how they are kept out of decisions about their own care. Today is an important validation of this and a much needed call to action.

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