03 2024

  • "I have survived 100% of my darkest days” – Laura’s story

    Laura explores what it’s really like to live with psychosis, and how her symptoms of paranoia, fear and hallucinations led to crisis point. With the support from a crisis house, her wellness box and her therapist, Laura is rebuilding her life again.

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  • "Healing is possible" – Sara’s story

    In this blog, Sara reflects on the impact depression had on her wellbeing, relationships, education and home life. Although it was hard to open up initially, Sara has now found helpful support and peace in her surroundings.

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  • "I wasn’t crazy, I was ill" – Nadia’s story

    Nadia reflects on her recent diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD). Despite her difficulties with emotional regulation, self-esteem and external stigma, Nadia is finally on the path towards self-acceptance and self-care.

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  • "It is not shameful or weak to have a mental illness" – Nadia’s story

    For World Bipolar Day, Nadia recounts her journey with bipolar disorder type two. She talks about her mixed-race experience, the stigma found in her cultural and religious community, her relationship with her father and her first hypomanic episode.

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