Jasveen's fundraising journey: The London Marathon


In 2020, the cancellation of mass participations events and lockdown restrictions, meant our wonderful supporters weren’t able to come together to raise money in the usual way. We’re more excited than ever to have challenge events back in the calendar. One of our 2021 London Marathon runners, Jasveen, has agreed to take the time out of her busy training schedule to let us know how she’s getting on!

How are you feeling about your first London Marathon and how has your training gone so far?

I’m feeling SO nervous and excited for the marathon. I’m not a natural runner, so taking part in this event is both a mental and physical challenge; I’ve learnt that motivation and discipline are two very different things! However, knowing that I’m running for a charity that means a lot to me and my family is really motivational. It helps me get my running shoes on and show up to each training session.

How have you found your fundraising journey so far?

I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of support that people have shown to both me and Rethink Mental Illness. There have been so many questions about my family’s story and the charity. I’ve valued the opportunity to talk about why advocating for more mental health support is important. These conversations are encouraging - it is after them that people have donated (once they have understood the reality of severe mental illnesses they’re not influenced by stigmas but rather by real stories by real people). For the last push of fundraising I’m thinking of something a bit wackier… would pink hair suit me?

What made you want to support Rethink Mental Illness?

I know the devastating impact that a severe mental illness can have on someone’s day-to-day life. Both my mum and grandad suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. The internal battle is fighting the direct symptoms of the disease. The external battle is then fighting the social stigma that can often be associated with it. While the conversation around mental illness is becoming more mainstream, misinformation and stereotypes still exist, which is why Rethink Mental Illness is particularly important to me. Their focus on providing treatment and services to those with severe mental illness with dignity and respect is paramount, and one that I am proud to be supporting.