The Spending Review 2020: your questions answered


On Wednesday 25 November, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak delivered his first Spending Review in Parliament.

The Spending Review determines how much is spent on public services. Anyone who ever uses any service provided by government will be directly affected – this includes NHS hospital, schools, or uses roads and much more. There had previously been plans for the Spending Review to cover the next 3 years, but the uncertainty caused by the pandemic meant that this was reduced to one year. The Spending Review follows a budget in March this year and an “emergency summer statement” in July, both of which also announced elements of the Government’s financial response to Covid-19.

We asked our Public Affairs and Stakeholder Manager, Tristan Westgate, some of the most important questions about the Spending Review from the perspective of people severely affected by mental illness, and their carers.

Spending Review 2020: Your questions answered