Rethink your wardrobe...

It is now officially Spring, but sadly we aren’t able to leave the house unless absolutely necessary- so what better time to have a sort out of your wardrobe, practise some active wellbeing and support Rethink Mental Illness.

This is a chance to put your phone down, forget about news updates and what is going on outside and take an hour or so to have a declutter of your wardrobe and clothes drawers.

Once social distancing rules are lifted, you will have a collection of clothes ready for a clothes swap party!

Here are a few fabulous pointers that I use when I’m Rethinking my Wardrobe…

“Wear or Share” – you should ask yourself this question with each piece in your wardrobe.

(Anything I haven’t worn in a year goes into the ‘share’ pile.)

After having your sort out 

  1. Keep all your clothing bits and bobs in a bag ready for when COVID-19 times are over and hold an event at your house when it is safe to do so! We’ve all the material to support you in hosting your post lockdown event, so just let us know via and we’ll send it out to you... OR
  2. Arrange a virtual catchup with your mates on either Microsoft teams, skype, google hangouts or even facetime and show them all what pre-loved wardrobe pieces you have. See if anyone wants them for a donation to Rethink Mental Illness! You could even give them a virtual catwalk show 😊 Ask for donations to be made to your fundraising page HERE and when things get back to normal you can send out the clothing pieces your friends have 'reserved'.



Do email us your photos at and tell us how it goes, we’d love to hear from you! And however you decide to run your event, make sure you wash all clothes before they go off to their new homes, and advise your purchasers to do the same upon receipt, washing hands after disposing of any packaging and stick to all government advice on social distancing!