World Mental Health Day will be on October 10, 2020. The goal is to help raise mental health awareness and each of us can make a contribution to ensure that people living with mental illness can live better lives with dignity.

We all know this year has been a tough one, particularly for people living with mental illness and their carers. Our research shows that nearly 80% of people living with mental illness say that Covid-19 and the national response have made their mental health worse. So that's why, this World Mental Health Day, we are focusing on how people with lived experience are overcoming the challenges of lockdown and how, together, we are pushing for a better world, post-pandemic.

Doing what we can

Our goal is to make sure everyone affected by mental illness has a good quality of life. And that doesn’t stop with a pandemic. Many of our network of 140 groups have found new and innovative ways to stay connected and keep life interesting in lockdown. 

This short video from our Harrow Choir explains how they have managed to keep running during these difficult times. 

Experts by experience

The voice of people with lived experience is at the heart of everything we do. This World Mental Health Day, we will be sharing the voices of people living with mental illness and finding out what they want to see changed to secure better mental health for all.

Find out more about our Lived Experience Network.


A new social contract for mental health

Working with over 50 voluntary and social sector organisations, we are calling on the government to do three things

  • Establish a Mental Health Renewal Taskforce and Plan.
  • Provide funding that identifies and meets increased mental health need as a result of the pandemic in the short and long term.
  • Commit to adopting a mental health and wellbeing-informed perspective in leading the nation’s recovery approach

Read our blog post to find out more

Support us

Our ambitions are big but we can’t do this without you! Please help to fund our vital work by making a donation this World Mental Health Day, so we can be there for everyone severally affected by mental illness.

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