Building Community into the Integrated Care System

Our experience of working in and supporting local systems tells us that it is more important than ever that Integrated Care Systems invest urgently in community mental health. The introduction of the Community Mental Health Framework in 2019 presented a once-in-a-generation opportunity for mental health systems.  

With ringfenced transformation funding coming to an end in April 2024 and in a climate of crisis and uncertainty, we need to ensure these changes are embedded. 

Four years on from our publication 'Building Communities That Care', we have launched our new report, 'Building Community into the Integrated Care System; A practical guide to developing robust community mental health', where we:  

  • Summarise the significant challenges facing mental health care
  • Provide a toolkit of practical, workable solutions to common barriers to transformation
  • Explore the role that the VCSE sector can have in pursuing the four core aims and future goals of ICSs.  


Download a copy of the Building Community into the Integrated Care System


Building on the learnings from this publication, we can help you evaluate your system or area's progress in prioritising community mental health care. Read more about our three-month Community Mental Health Progress Evaluation Programme here.