02 2024

  • “I’m never going back there again” – Dean’s story

    Dean started experiencing anxiety and depression when he was overwhelmed with stress from work and at home. With the help of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and medication, Dean is better able to manage his negative, racing thoughts and looks forward to the future.

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  • "Psychosis from a different angle" - Katie's story

    Katie, who works as a therapist in the NHS, reflects on her personal experience with psychotic depression, as well as her father’s. After witnessing her father’s psychotic episode last year, Katie saw the condition from a new perspective and gained greater insight into her own recovery journey.

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  • “I didn't have anyone to talk to” – Ginny’s story

    After finishing secondary school, Ginny was excited for summer to begin. However, learning of her mother’s cancer diagnosis greatly impacted her anxiety and depression. Though she struggled at home, in social situations and at school, Ginny has finally found a strong support network around her.

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  • Loneliness and isolation: Filling an important gap

    Why do mental health services exist? What impact do they truly have? Jonathan Baker, digital officer for the Rethink Mental Illness Wiltshire Mental Health Inclusion Service, investigates.

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  • “It can just come out of nowhere” – Rebecca’s story

    For Children’s Mental Health Week, Rebecca recounts her experiences with anxiety disorder. She shares what a panic attack feels like, how her condition can be triggered unpredictably and the importance of appreciating good days when they come.

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  • From an endless winter of depression to a spring bloom – Nina’s story

    After experiencing anxiety, depression and bullying at school, Nina felt like a stranger to herself and the world around her. But with the support from her family, friends and school counsellors, Nina has re-discovered herself and is surrounded with warmth once again.

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