06 2023

  • “The isolation of being a carer is the scariest thing” – Steve’s story

    For Carers Week, Steve explores his tumultuous journey caring for his wife who has experienced paranoid schizophrenia for 29 years. He brings awareness to the lack of recovery-focused support for acute schizophrenia, the importance of community and how his caring responsibilities deeply impacted his own mental health.

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  • “Caring is not for the faint-hearted” - Julie's story

    In this blog for Carers Week, Julie shares her experience caring for her son who deals with severe anxiety and agoraphobia. She sheds light on juggling many responsibilities at once, the debilitating nature of mental illness and the value in appreciating the little things.

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  • “No one knows what life’s like as a carer” – Sharon’s story

    For Carers Week, Sharon shares her experience of caring for some of her family members at the same time, one of them being her son who experiences autism and difficulties with his mental health. With the help of Julie from Rethink Mental Illness and a supportive carers group, Sharon has spent the last 20 years keeping her family well.

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  • My advice for visiting a loved one in hospital - Helen's story

    In 2022, Helen's brother, who experiences schizophrenia, was sadly detained under the Mental Health Act for 12 months. She reflects on her personal experiences, sharing advice to help other carers, particularly siblings, who may be preparing for a hospital visit.

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