11 2021

  • Navigating the benefits system: Linda's story

    Linda explains how the benefits system has often exacerbated the symptoms of her mental illness rather than easing her money worries.

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  • Q&A with 2021 Janey Award Winner Nkasi Stoll

    We caught up with the winner of our Janey Antoniou award, Nkasi Stoll, to find out a bit more about the inspiring work she’s been doing over the last 12 months.

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  • “Systemic inequalities” – why it is so important for us to run dedicated BAME services

    We spoke to colleagues in our dedicated Black Asian and Minoritised Ethnic (BAME) support services in Bristol and Kent about racism in the mental health system and why it is so important to have dedicated services for people from ethnic minorities.

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  • Talking openly has helped us to cope: Bren's story

    Bren lives with her partner who also experiences depression, and explains that talking about their ‘bad days’ helps them both to cope with their condition.

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  • A wake-up call on mental health within the criminal justice system

    Jonathan Munro talks us through a recent report which reviewed the criminal justice system for those of us who experience mental health conditions.

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