08 2020

  • Life in Lockdown: Essex Advocacy Service

    Craig from our Essex Advocacy Service tells us what challenges they have faced due to Covid-19, and how they've continued to provide support in this time.

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  • How to manage feelings of anxiety from the ‘Better Health’ campaign

    Expert by experience Hannah Lewis reflects on the recent government’s ‘Better Health’ campaign and provides advice on how to look after yourself if the campaign triggers any feelings of anxiety.

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  • BPD, Covid-19 and Me

    Award-winning campaigner Sue Wheatcroft explains what it's like to live with BPD, and the impact Covid-19 can have on how we view the condition.

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  • "I still don't feel comfortable going out"

    Hannah discusses how her recovery from Complex PTSD is on hold because of Covid-19, and the impact of increased loneliness and anxiety.

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