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Bristol Community Support Services

Community support

St. Paul's Settlement
First Floor
74 - 80 City Road
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Monday - Friday :
9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday - Sunday :

The support service has been working for many years to help Bristol-based people with mental health issues make a positive diffrence in their lives.The service works with anybody who has mental health problem.

We support people within the community and work with them to build meaningful connections.

Our Support is centred on values of recovery and social inclusion,and we have found people that use our service become more independent,confident and resilient.

The service uses a person centred approach spending time to identify what you would like to work towards. This involves using the recovery star to explore what your needs are and what goals you want to focus on.

How The services helps people:-
Improved confidence
Sense of belonging and feeling part of your community again.
Better coping mechanisms for managing mental health
Build social contacts and feel supported.
Achieve goals
Feeling more motivated


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