The R;pple effect


Rethink Mental Illness has installed revolutionary suicide safeguarding software to all staff devices.

R;pple is an internet browser extension created by the R;pple Suicide Prevention charity. When someone searches for harmful keywords or phrases relating to the topic of self-harm or suicide, R;pple intercepts with a visual prompt offering support.

R;pple was set up by Alice Hendy after losing her brother Josh to suicide.

Josh was 21 years old and had been searching upsetting terms on line. Alice was keen to ensure more help and support is given to individuals searching harmful content online.

Watch this video to learn more about Alice’s story.

We know that many of our colleagues and volunteers experience mental illness and are exposed to triggering topics on a daily basis. While we value that lived experience in our teams in the work we do, we want everyone to feel safe while doing their jobs.

To install R;pple on your devices, visit