Our response to the Autumn Budget and Comprehensive Spending Review

27 October 2021

Responding to today's Autumn Budget and Comprehensive Spending Review, our Chief Executive Mark Winstanley said:

“This budget and spending review will do little to address the issues fuelling our mental health crisis. Sadly, the Chancellor provided no reassurance that the government has prioritised mental health or recognised the scale of the growing challenge we face given the increase in mental ill-health during the pandemic. With no clarity that mental health services will benefit from the funding announced, services will struggle and funding for social care will remain insufficient to address the pressures they are under. People severely affected by mental illness who are unable to work will also suffer as a result of the cut to Universal Credit while not being supported by today’s budget. We’re disappointed and frustrated that people living with severe mental illness have been largely ignored in the government’s plans for recovery from this pandemic, and we will continue to campaign for mental health to rightly be a priority for government.”