Rethink Mental Illness responds to new Office for National Statistics figures on suicides in 2019

01 September 2020

The Office for National Statistics published new figures this morning into the number of deaths by suicide that occurred in 2019. 

Responding to these figures, Brian Dow, Deputy CEO of Rethink Mental Illness and Co Chair of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance said, “Any death by suicide is a tragedy. These statistics represent lives lost and families up and down the country living with unimaginable grief. They tell us that as a society we still have a way to go to make a meaningful impact on bringing down the rate of death by suicide.

“The reasons leading up to a person’s decision to take their life remain as complex as ever, but there are well established factors. Financial issues, housing instability or being unable to access health and social care can all place stresses on a person’s mental health. Given the impact that COVID-19 may have on exacerbating these risk factors, we need now more than ever for the government to prioritise the nation’s mental health in its post-pandemic planning with a cross-government mental health strategy.”