12 2022

  • Gary’s story – the long road to BPD diagnosis

    Gary tells us about his journey to being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), the complexities of living with the condition and how he manages his symptoms now.

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  • So, let's walk home from here

    Our trustee, Jeremy Connick, lost his first wife to suicide in 2014, and his wife also lost her elder brother. He describes the fundraising trek they made from Italy to England and the mental health benefits he enjoyed by walking and just ‘existing’.

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  • Battling bipolar and PTSD - Maria's story

    After witnessing a murder, Maria experienced a psychotic episode and was hospitalised. In this blog, she writes about what steps she takes to manage her symptoms, and outlines the journey she has been on since that traumatic event.

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  • How to manage your mental health over Christmas

    In this blog, our Advice Team tell us some practical ways to think about the financial and social side of Christmas. We also asked our social media audience for their top tips on staying well over the festive period.

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