05 2022

  • Hearing voices - Harjeet's story

    Harjeet was diagnosed with psychosis at 24, but with the help of her faith, and a talent for writing, she now helps manage her condition through singing and songwriting.

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  • Fiona’s story: Bipolar – the long view

    Fiona lives with bipolar disorder. Although now retired, she explains how she has self-managed her symptoms and maintained a long, successful working life.

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  • Our hopes for the 2022 Queen's Speech

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  • Transphobia and mental illness – Deborah’s story

    Deborah is a trans woman who experiences depression, anxiety, dissociation and personality disorders. She knows more than most about the impact that being trans can have on your mental health.

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  • The governments announcement of the long-awaited reform of the Mental Health Act

    After many years of campaigning, we are delighted by today’s announcement that the government will publish draft legislation to reform the Mental Health Act.

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  • Covid-19 left my brother feeling isolated and alone

    Richard's brother has experienced schizophrenia for over 50 years. Living in independent living at a care home, Covid-19 meant he was left on his own for large periods. Richard tells us the story of two tough years for his brother.

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  • "Calories on a menu could hinder my recovery"

    Katie has lived with an eating disorder for almost 15 years. While she is currently in recovery, she is worried about the government’s decision to make calories on menus mandatory in some restaurants.

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  • “The best decision I’ve ever made” – Ben’s story

    After experiencing a breakdown, Ben was put in contact with our Derbyshire Recovery and Peer Support Service and hasn’t looked back since. Here's his story.

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  • “I really can’t choose to leave my bipolar at home” Melanie’s story

    Melanie discusses the challenge of receiving news of her bipolar diagnosis and working out how and why her own perception of it could be so different from other people’s.

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  • Marking two years since the death of George Floyd

    To mark the anniversary of George Floyd's murder, Peter Alleyne and Nisa Chisipochinyi from our Race Equality team reflect on the last two years and discuss our progress towards becoming an anti-racist organisation.

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