Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of service users do you support? 

We work in partnership with CGL (change, grow, live) to support all people who are affected by mental health or substance misuse, including those from diverse communities.

What kind of services do you offer? 

The service has 4 main aspects of delivery which are; Peer navigation support, Befriending, Workshops and Groups, and substance misuse support.

Are there any exclusions or exemptions to referred service users? 

All service users must be of age 18+ and be living in the Brent Borough, have a mental illness or substance misuse problem, and be accessing CNWL services or be eligible for CNWL services.

How do I refer a service user to your service? 

We do not accept self-referrals and can only accept referrals from CNWL NHS teams. All Please email, with patient information including name, surname and NHS number. Then Include a detailed reason for your referral and which service they require.

What is the process once I make a referral? 

Once the referral is received, it will be allocated to the appropriate member of staff. Staff member will make initial contact with client within 3 working days of receiving the referral and make all necessary arrangements to conduct assessment etc.

Can a service user refer themselves directly? 

No, all referrals must go through CNWL mental health teams or via the GP, (GP’s can refer into the service but only via their allocated hubs using the GP Referral Form). Please contact Brentmentalhealth to receive a copy of the referral form. 

How Long is the waiting list? 

Whilst we endebour to support all patients reffered to our services, we must ensure we continue to deliver high standards of care and 1:1 support. Therefore, please kindly acknowledge, we may sometimes place patients on a waiting list. Waiting List to access services is 4-12 weeks