Our mission is to deliver a better life for people severely affected by mental illness by meeting not just their mental health needs, but also supporting their physical health needs, their place within their community and their right for control over their lives.

We offer services that keep people safe and well in the community, prevent their needs from escalating, support independent living and empower people to know their rights and to access the support and care that they are entitled to.

98% of people who use our services said they got the right level of support from us and 97% felt supported in achieving their goals.

We provide 130+ life-changing peer support groups, run by people with experience of mental illness. They offer a non-judgemental space, empathy, acceptance and reassurance, and help to normalise experiences and reduce stigma.  Whether it’s a listening ear, practical help, friendship, or a social activity, they can make coping with life’s challenges that bit easier.

91% of carers said attending a group had ‘helped me to reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness’, and 87% agreed they had ‘helped to improve / maintain my mental health and wellbeing’.

To find a group or service, click on one of the searches below and put your town or postcode into the search box. You will then be offered a list of options, and it will tell you more about the referral process – for example if you can self-refer or whether you need a referral from a healthcare professional or some else. Most of our groups allow you to self-refer, but please bear in mind that as many are run by volunteers, it may take them a little longer to reply to your query.

Our support groups

You can access over 130+ local support groups which are run by people with experience of mental illness. Each one offers a welcoming, non-judgemental space in which you can talk openly about your experiences and receive support.

Our services

We provide 90 expert mental health services in England. These can help you or someone you know with everything from advocacy, to housing to criminal justice and secure services, as well as nursing care and carer support, among others.

If you or a loved one is unwell and need help, please visit our list of crisis and emotional support organisations.

“Since being out of hospital it is so nice to be placed in a very caring, kind and supported environment to keep me well… Whenever I have had to speak to staff I have always been listened to.”

Katie, 23, London

“The group means so much to so many people. Some come regularly, others occasionally. It’s a safety net and a lifeline.”

Chris, 42, Cheshire