Thank you to our volunteers!


For Volunteers Week, we're shining a spotlight on the people who keep our groups and services running in their spare time. 

To all our volunteers, we'd like to say thank you. You are integral in our mission to provide the best possible life for people living with severe mental illness and their carers. We couldn't do it without you.

Here's just a few examples of the amazing work our volunteers do:

Name: Jackie

Service: Essex All Age Advocacy

Role: Volunteer Advocate

"My motivation to join Rethink Mental Illness in the first place came from an understanding that it’s important for people to be heard. Therefore, to be able to have the opportunity to support others to improve their skills in this field is humbling and rewarding."


Name: Tim

Service: Station Grove

Role: Mental Health Support Volunteer

"I wanted to become a Mental Health Support Volunteer at Rethink Mental Illness because I had overcome my own mental illnesses and wanted to help others to do the same. Through various activities (e.g. walking, shopping, playing pool) I enjoy giving residents the opportunity to connect with people, which I believe is essential for good mental health."


Name: Sana

Service: Brent Mental Health Service

Role Title: Volunteer Befriender

"Volunteering for Rethink Mental Illness is one of my favourite things to do. I started my volunteering journey wanting to help individuals feel less alone and to support their needs in the best way possible and seeing a smile on their faces after our sessions makes it all worth it."


Name: Rachel

Service: Walsall Enablement Service

Role: Volunteer Group Coordinator

"Volunteering is important to me because it allows me to make a difference to people around me. Having received support myself, I was inspired into wanting to give something back and I enjoy being able to use my life experiences in a positive way by helping others."


Name: Tyra

Service: Gloucestershire Self Harm Helpline

Role: Helpline Volunteer

"I was inspired to volunteer so I could help people that feel that they do not have a voice. Volunteering at Rethink Mental Illness I am able to help people find their voice and be someone they can feel comfortable talking to without being judged."