My name is Sarah and I manage an innovative housing service in Staffordshire that offers support to people severely affected by mental illness, who are homeless for example.

Your support today will help people severely affected by mental illness have a better Christmas and live a good quality of life.  Just £26 will help fund starter packs for our new housing service tenants and improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness. People like Lee.

Following the end of his previous relationship, he became severely depressed and lost his job and home. A downward spiral that Lee says would have ended in his death if a health scare hadn’t led to him being referred to our housing service this summer.

Can you help people like Lee? Make a donation today.

Now, Lee has a flat he can call home; and he’s receiving the right support from us for his mental and physical health.

On top of this, Lee is very thankful that he received a starter pack of home essentials when he moved into his flat. That’s because he owned absolutely nothing and would never have been able to save up for basic items like pots and pans.

Being able to prepare my own meals and eat off a plate with a knife and fork means a great deal. And I’ll be able to spend some precious time with my son, which definitely wouldn’t have been possible if I was still living in a tent.”.


Supported housing resident

Your generosity this Christmas really could be the catalyst to someone moving out of a dark place and starting to build the life they want. So please do give a special gift today to make sure more people like Lee benefit from precious home essentials that will improve their mental health and overall quality of life.

What can you give this Christmas?

£ 10

£ 10

£10 could help fund mugs and cutlery in one Home Essentials pack. Just being able to have a cuppa out of a mug and eat with a knife and fork can help a person living with mental illness feel valued and comforted.

Please note If we reach the fundraising target for our starter packs, the rest of the money raised will support other areas of Rethink Mental Illness’s vital work. This includes more life-changing services like the one Lee benefits from, expert advice and information, support groups across the country and groundbreaking campaigns that bring about positive change.

Lee is a little bit shy, so these images are of another tenant receiving a starter pack.


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