Let the games begin

Are you a Twitch legend? A weekend-gamer? Can you even remember where you left
your Game Boy in the ’90s? Whatever you are, we are over-the-moon you've signed up for Gaming Get Together!

By hosting your awesome fundraising event, you will be giving us the power to continue to improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness through our network of local groups and services, expert information, and successful campaigning. Thank you.

We know fundraising can feel tricky at times. This fundraising manual exists to arm you with tips, tricks, and the confidence to smash your target.

Hit the start button on your fundraising

Kick things off by making your fundraising page as strong as possible:

  1. Personalise your page with a photo or avatar - it's known to increase donations by a whopping 14%. 

  2. Set a target to conquer! Whether it’s £150 or £1,500, keep an eye on what’s coming in and increase your target as you get close to it. 

  3. Explain your challenge. Let the people taking part in your Gaming Get Together know what to expect at the event, get them excited and keen to get involved. 

  4. Share your story. People are more likely to donate when they know why you're taking on your challenge. 

What's your story?

Why are you hosting your Gaming Get Together? You could write about:

  • What gaming means to you
  • What gaming brings to your life
  • What mental health means to you
  • Why talking about mental illness is important

Reach out to your squad

Start the donations rolling in by sharing your page with the people in your life:

  • Text it to your family and friends
  • Put it on social media with #GamingGetTogether
  • Email it to your colleagues and extended relatives

It can feel uncomfortable sharing it more than once, but repetition is key! People have busy lives, so reminders are welcome. Just do what you can to think of new pictures to share and ways to ask. 

Get creative

Here are some alternative ways you can get your GivePenny page out there. 

  1. Online bios. WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Discord all allows space in your bio to share a link. Pop your fundraising link in there and let people know. 

  2. Email signatures. Tell your clients, colleagues, and bosses about your event at the bottom of every email. 

  3. Local press. It's pretty old school, but an article about your challenge in a local paper or magazine can spread the word. 

  4. Twitch or YouTube. If you're a regular streamer, pop your Gaming Get Together in your calendar and share your page with your followers. 

Ways to donate

Offer different ways to donate to give you the chance to raise as much as possible. These can inlcude:

  1. One-off donations. People can make a one-off donation to your page. That can be loved ones who want to support what you're doing, or an entry fee for those coming to your event.

  2. Pledge donations. People can pledge to donate per milestone achieved. How about hours played or levels reached or goals scored or games won? Have fun with it! 

  3. Forfeit donations. For people at the event, make things interesting by adding penalty donations for things like headshots in COD, red cards in FIFA or spin-offs in Mario Kart. 

  4. Game suggestions. Let people choose what games you play at your Get Together in exchange for donations.

The difference you're making 

We know, from our vast experience, that people severely affected by mental illness can have a good quality of life. With the support of you and your donors, we will make that possible.

£10 could help fund one of our local support groups

£25 could help fund our advice and information service

£50 could help us bring the voice of people living with severe mental illness to government to influence policy and legislation

You can find out more about our work by visiting our vision and impact page

Say hello

If you want to talk through any ideas you may have or ask any questions, email events@rethink.org, we're here to help.

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