Managing stress in the workplace

Every year over 11 million working days are lost due to stress in the UK. Our course aims to explore what stress is, how we can manage it and how we can support our colleagues in their day to day work.

Who is it for?

This session is for everyone.

How long is the session?

Can be between 45-90 minutes long depending on your needs.

What will I learn?

The defined aims are for participants to:

  • have a better understanding of mental health and stress
  • have a better sense of the costs of mental health problems and stress to organisations
  • be more able to identify possible signs and symptoms of stress
  • feel more comfortable talking about stress, and supporting others
  • reflect on managing their own stress levels
  • have an increased intention to promote positive culture in relation to mental health in their workplace.

How do I book?

Contact our training team by emailing or by callingĀ 0333 222 5878.