Webinar: Mental Health Navigation

Mental Health Navigation is a model of support for people living with mental illness who present at primary care with unmet non-clinical needs.

This webinar, recorded on 14 July 2022, explores the role of Mental Health Navigators. Chaired by Helen Garnham, Head of Equalities and Social Determinants at Rethink Mental Illness, we were joined by speakers who have worked with Mental Health Navigators in North East Lincolnshire. 

We had such a wealth of great questions and several we didn’t have time for during the webinar itself. You can download the answers to outstanding questions here, which we have put into two categories, questions about the Mental Health Navigation role and questions about the funding/salary for Mental Health Navigation. 

For more information about mental health navigators, please see our Mental Health Navigation good practice guide or contact eva.bell@rethink.org