Read more about how to put people and communities at the heart of decision-making in an effective, strategic way.

Over the last few years, many systems have made progress in bringing people and communities into decision-making. But we know that this comes with challenges. How do we ensure we are hearing from the people we need to hear from? How do we establish sustainable two-way conversation and information exchange channels? How can we organise  lived experience information systematically? And how can we ensure that all of this data informs insight, has influence and drives action and change? What are the opportunities for systems to organise around people and communities when this makes a big difference to access, experience and outcomes, addressing inequalities? 

Since 2017, Rethink Mental Illness has worked with people, community ecosystems and mental health and care systems in places across England to coproduce for better access, experience, and outcomes for people experiencing mental illness. We have experience of facilitating the coproduction of Integrated Care System (ICS) and Provider Collaborative coproduction strategies and frameworks, and putting them into action.

Our coproduction staff work closely with our Policy and Practice team so that they can give helpful context for meaningful lived experience influence that can go forward into action. Through these years of experience, we have developed a model for coproduction alongside a wide range of resources.

In January 2024, we launched our Coproduction Guide. This guide shares our coproduction model with ICSs, Provider Collaboratives, and other systems who are coproducing services or strategies.  This is aligned with the statutory guidance for working in partnership with people and communities.

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