North West London Suicide Prevention Webinar

The North West London Suicide Prevention Programme is a social response to suicide prevention with innovation, co-production, and Experts by Experience at its heart.

Community grants have been distributed to grassroots organisations, and we will be exploring their impact. We will have representatives from the following organisations: The Wilde Foundation, The New Normal, Pecs Education, Comedy on Referral, Cape Project, and Sobriety Films UK.

Learn from Paul Amuzie (Community Organiser and Director - Br8ke the Silence) how to use stories to shift power and influence institutional change.

Hear about our co-produced, uniform Safety Plan encouraging community leaders to ask difficult questions around suicidal ideation and find out how Ealing Borough Council co-produced their suicide prevention plan with over 80 stakeholders.

This conference is for anyone working in the Voluntary and community sector, NHS, Local Authority, as well as individuals who are generally interested. There will be a selection of signposting resources shared at the end of the session.

Thank you to RBKC & Westminster for supporting us in putting on this event.