02 2023

  • Rethink Mental Illness responds to appalling conditions at HMP Eastwood Park

    An inspection of women's prison HMP Eastwood Park at the end of last year has found that women experiencing mental illness were being kept in appalling conditions. Rethink Mental Illness has responded, read here.

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  • NAO report shows mental health services struggling under the weight of inordinate pressure

    A report from the National Audit Office shows more people are being treated by NHS mental health services than ever before, but as demand grows we call for significant action to ensure people can access the treatment they need.

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  • Survey puts spotlight on “inordinate” strain NHS is under, as people severely affected by mental illness struggle to access essential support

    A new survey from national charity Rethink Mental Illness shows how people severely affected by mental illness struggle to access support, from GP appointments to crisis care, as we call on the government to reconsider their decision to scrap the 10-year Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan.

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