05 2021

  • New survey reveals overwhelming majority (88%) of people severely affected by mental illness report discrimination still widespread.

    Our reaction to survey findings that 88% of people severely affected by mental illness say that discrimination is still widespread in England.

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  • Tragic loss of Philippa Day reinforces urgent need for an independent inquiry into benefit deaths

    Deputy CEO, Brian Dow, reacts to the calls for an independent inquiry into benefits deaths after the tragic loss of Philippa Day.

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  • Rethink Mental Illness welcomes NHSE commissioned review of Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) by relevant Mental Health Trusts

    Response of Associate Director of Policy and Practice, Lucy Schonegevel, to the NHS England commissioned review into SIM.

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  • Primary and community mental health services to be improved with £1m investment

    £1million will be invested in to primary and community mental health services in Sheffield over the next three years.The national charity, Rethink Mental Illness, has selected Sheffield to be one of four national sites in England to develop new models of delivering mental health care with voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSEs).

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  • Becoming an anti-racist organisation - progress update May 2021

    Next week is the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis. In the days and weeks that followed, the global response to this horrendous event forced us to confront our own shortcomings in challenging racism.

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