Support Together Southend Group

Open to: People with Mental Illness

Balmoral Community Centre
Salisbury Avenue
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The group meets on the second Wednesday of every month between 7pm - 9pm

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Our group is run by people with lived experience of mental illness, who aim to empower members and promote and improve the mental wellbeing of people living in Southend-on-Sea and its surrounding areas. We offer friendly support for people with mental illness, whether it's diagnosed or not, and carers are welcome too.

We meet for two hours (refreshments provided) on the second Wednesday of every month, to talk, socialise and do various activities in a safe space. These activities include art and crafts, writing, listening to guest speakers, and much more. Since March 2019, we’ve also started to offer 'active' activities every fortnight. We run a rolling schedule of rounders, table tennis, fun workouts and walking, as well as regularly try new activities.

In addition, we sometimes organise one-off activities, which have previously included a post-Christmas social with raffle and party food, and a Time to Talk Day event.


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