Bubble Group

Open to: Carers and People with Mental Illness

Baptist Church
Homscarr Community Centre
DN11 0LP
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Every Friday from 10am until 12noon.

Group Coordinator: Jenny King

Our Bubble group offers people living with autism spectrum disorders and mental illness, and their family members, friends and carers, the chance to come together in a relaxed, safe and welcoming space. Our friendly group meets every week to socialise, share experiences and ideas, and offer support and encouragement to each other. Whilst some of our members might enjoy a game of bingo or chess, some of us just like the tea, biscuits, good company and conversation on offer. We also have a wealth of fact sheets and information that our members can access, as well as information on other local services and organisations that may be helpful. We arrange social outings and activities through the spring and summer months, and from time to time we work together to fundraise and join local events. New members are always welcome.


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