Amadeus Recovery House



0208 998 7800

Last updated: 17/09/2021

Open daily

Amadeus Recovery House is a community-based short stay house, offering people experiencing a mental health crisis an alternative to a hospital stay.

The recovery house provides a safe and restful space for people who need help to get throuh an apisode of acute mental illness and begin their recovery. The house,which is in north Ealing,has 17 private bedrooms,a garden and 'quiet rooms; as well as communal kitchens and lounges.

Residants can access a range of recovery-focused,person-centred interventions offered include drop-in activity sessions,life skills coaching,peer support and physical health asessments.

Amadeus House enpowers people to develop their own coping skills,build their resillience and take control of their lives, enabling them to return home as soon as possible and stay well once home.


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