Gloucestershire Self Harm Telephone Support

Advice and helplines


Monday - Sunday :

A helpline for people who self-harm, their carers or professionals.

Non-judgmental support, offering a listening service, along with coping strategies and signposting.

People can call 08088010606,
or TEXT 07537410022,
or Webchat

We are open 5pm to 10pm every night of the year. Calls are free, and do not show up on your mobile or telephone bill.

Telephone support calls have a maximum duration of 45 minutes per night, but you can text or webchat with us for as long as you need through the evening until 10 pm.

The service is totally confidential, you do not need to divulge your name or any personal data. In rare cases if you, or someone you tell us about, need urgent emergency help we will try to obtain enough information from you to pass on to emergency services

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