FAQs for Rethink Remembers


What is a tribute fund?

An online tribute fund provides a lasting way to celebrate the life of someone special. On your page, people can read about your loved one, see how much money has been raised in their memory and contribute too.

How can I set up a tribute fund?

Setting up a tribute fund is easy. Just click create a tribute fund on our Rethink Remembers page and complete the online form. Alternatively, email bernice.williams@rethink.org if you have any questions.

What happens after I set up a tribute fund?

After you set up your tribute fund, you'll receive a thank you pack containing all the information you need to begin your fundraising. You'll also receive a card with a unique number which allows people to donate offline too.

I want to do some fundraising. Where do I start?

Please contact bernice.williams@rethink.org if you’d like to fundraise in memory of a loved one. We'll send you a Rethink Mental Illness fundraising pack featuring fundraising ideas and tips, as well as helpful resources. 

What is Celebrating Lives Weekend?

Celebrating Lives Weekend is about dedicating time to celebrate the life of those most special to you. This year, the celebration takes place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June. During the weekend, use #rethinkremembers on Twitter to share how you’re celebrating the life of a loved one.

I don’t have Twitter. How else can I share how I’ve been celebrating the life of a loved one?

We always want to hear how you’ve been celebrating the life of a loved one. So please send us a blog post, some pictures or just email to let us know what you’ve been doing.

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