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Rethink Art is an ongoing campaign using art to encourage celebrities and supporters to share their thoughts on mental health and wellbeing, and to raise awareness and fundraise for Rethink Mental Illness. Many celebrities have already submitted art and are supporting the campaign. Here are a few.

In this project, celebrity klecksographs are aimed at simply helping us appreciate that 1 in 4 people’s story will include a mental health problem. Because these are often hidden, we don’t always see the whole picture. Whatever your story, this is a fun and creative way for you to Rethink Art, and share what you see.

These celebrity inkblots will be auctioned at a later date to support the work Rethink Mental Illness does.

Rethink Art is an independently owned creative art project working to raise awareness and funds for mental health.

Rethink Art supports Rethink Mental Illness, whose services and support groups help tens of thousands of people every year who are affected by mental health problems.

Celebrity Klecksography

Since 2017, Rethink Art has been working with celebrities to create a series of klecksographs – artwork made up of ink patterns - with support from Fine Art Sponsor Daler-Rowney.

Each year in the UK one in four of us experiences a mental health problem. Because mental health can be hidden, we don’t always see the whole picture.

Through these klecksographs we encourage people to look at what first might not be apparent. Our aim is to encourage people to feel more confident to share their thoughts and feelings about mental health.

The collection of original celebrity klecksographs created by Rethink Art will be sold in 2019 with all proceeds going to Rethink Mental Illness.


Rethink Art are excited to offer limited edition prints of the first celebrity klecksograph by Johnny Depp.

Johnny has very kindly permitted Rethink Art to release a series of 100 high-quality giclee prints taken from his original klecksograph. Each print is framed, numbered and accompanied by certification signed by Johnny Depp, along with a photograph showing him with his original artwork

Rethink Mental Illness will receive £50 from every print sold.

Lots more exciting news coming soon…

About klecksography

Klecksography was pioneered in the 1850s by the German poet and physician Justinus Kerner. When he folded pieces of paper on which had spilled ink, he found that the ink could make unusual and intriguing shapes, and he included these as illustrations in his books of poetry. This technique was adapted in the 1890s as a means of exploring the subsconscious, notably by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach.

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Rethink Art is an independently owned creative gallery working to raise awareness and support for mental health through art.

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