Secure care - recovery and outcomes groups

We are committed to ensuring secure care supports people’s recovery as close to home as possible, and that the voices of people in secure mental health services are heard at every level.

As part of our work in secure care, we organise and facilitate a national network of Recovery and Outcomes Groups across England for people living in low and medium secure services. By delivering presentations and hosting interactive discussions, each group aims to:

  • Enable people to share ideas, difficulties and developments that will help to shape and improve the recovery focus of secure services and define clear outcomes that services should work towards.
  • Ensure the voices and experiences of people in secure services are used effectively to influence secure care policy and commissioning at a local and national level. 
  • Support people in their own recovery journey, both during their stay in hospital and the period when plans are made for their discharge back into the community.

Recent successes of Recovery and Outcomes Groups include using the views and experiences of attendees to:

  • design new community services for people leaving secure care
  • develop a new strategy for women’s secure care services
  • design ways to improve people’s physical health when they stay at a secure care service.

We also work closely with the Ministry of Justice to ensure that people who attend Recovery and Outcomes Groups have the opportunity to be involved in the ministry’s decision-making processes.

If you would like to receive more information about our Recovery and Outcomes programme, or have a question about it, please email



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